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Sargent and Co publicly apologise

We would like “unreservedly apologise” to Adam the Pashley Tandem owner whose thunder was stolen from right beneath his nose.

I recently wrote that Rob rebuilt Adams’ tandem, this is not the case. Rob did some work on the B.B and it was in fact Adam himself that restored the bike.

Sorry Adam.

Nothing to do with us

The sun is shining and the flowers are happy

The worlds nicest bike stand

The blue bell is the sweetest flower
That waves in summer air;
Its blossoms have the mightiest power
To soothe my spirit’s care.

British built Holdsworth Touring Bike- SOLD

We just got this fine looking Holdsworth tourer in.

Hoping to find a lover for a summer of fun rides

The components have been upgraded over the years:

Shimano RX10 front and rr mech

Cinelli Bars and Stem

Shimano Dur ace brakes

Shimano RX100 hubs with Mavic module 3 cd rims

Cinelli Seatpost and Brooks Pro (large rivet) saddle

Mudguards and rack fitted

Fully serviced with love and care and ready to tour- £650.00

Free handlebar lunchbox in matching blue, this week only!

British built F.W Evans Touring Bikes- SOLD

We have a rather lovely ladies  bike, built by F.W Evans, specifically designed for touring.

Looking for a friendly rider

(if you would like to read some history on F.W Evans, please click here).

The geometry- 48 cm, c2c, 54 cm top tube

She is been built using Reynolds 531 touring tubing.

She has Shimano Deore groupset with cantilever breaks (touring specific).

21 gears to help you up the hills.

The wheels have been built using shimano hubs with Mavic module 3 cd rims.

The bars and stem are both Cinelli.

It has a super comfy Avocet saddle and is fitted with mudguards and rack.

Rebuilt and serviced and ready to go- £650.00

Watch out bike thieves about

As I am not a bike thief and I don’t hang around with any I am unsure about how they operate. What I am sure of is 2 of my friends had their bikes stolen last night (both bikes were in different parts of London).

I reckon as the weather is good robbers are well up for it, it’s prime selling season and they get to go out on the rob on a warm summers evening.

Each and every one of them

So people be on guard, lock it up somewhere busy, use good locks, use 2 locks, make sure their isn’t much space between the frame and the bike stand when it’s locked (so they can’t saw it without ruining the bike).

If you go down the police station you can get your bike security  marked so if the police get a big haul from a gang they can track your bike back to you, it’s a free service.

And biggest thing, don’t buy nicked bikes and parts, if no one buys them, no one robs them, simple innit.

To all bike thieves

Frames for Sale on Ebay

We have a few frames on Ebay.

Here is the link.

The Hetchins is on there…it’s a very pretty, I don’t want it to leave, I like looking at it. As you may well imagine it is drumming up quite a lot of interest, the Hetchins are coveted by collectors across the globe, a new to market Hetchins is big news in the dark world of Cycle Spotters.

All I can say if you do fancy a punt is watch out for those people with Bidnapper, they get you every time (I could get Bidnapper myself and play them at their own game).

Beware Bidnappers at large!!!

Shorter Frame and Forks- SOLD

Pink makes you faster according the Institue of Cycling Nonsense

Here is a little history on ‘Shorter’, courtesy of ;
This frame has seen very little use, the guy I bought it from, ordered it new, but it was too big for him.. (beware!)
Paint in very good shape for age,flaking is shown on fork drilling and top of seat stay, also small patch under BB shell.
56 cm top tube ctc,58 cm ctc seat tube,127mm at rear end.
Also with mudguard eyes,for commuting or touring with a pannier!!

Did I mention frame is floresent pink?
Stronglight head set included (very smooth)

Take a punt on Ebay, when she’s gone, she’s gone….