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Easter and May Opening times

Please check out the details below for opening times over the next few weeks, as we are taking some time out over Easter and Bank Holidays, so if you are wishing to make a purchase or get something fixed, please phone ahead-

0207 359 7642


Rob to the Rescue

Robs fascination with old things does not stop at bikes, cameras, crockery, women and wine. He also likes sailing boats. More often than not when I arrive to work in the morning the computer screen is filled with images of old boats.

This week when I arrived to work their was an invoice for an old boat, Teal. That’s her name, Teal. Teal the sailing boat.

To sail in the moonlight clear

I saw this picture of Teal and I to was mesmerised, my head filled with wonderful images, the serenity, the calm, the peace that could be found sailing this beautiful old boat. I could see why Rob had bought her.

The only thing that seemed strange was  that she cost so little, I was taken aback by how easy it is to have a slice of this peaceful boat action.

As it transpired this is a picture of Teal back in her glory days. It would seem Teal has been knocking about since 1914 and has been resurrected from her death bed on several occasions.

The 80's ressurection

Rob has picked Teal up from her death bed. She was on whats known in boat circles as ‘the burn list’ which means she was going to the boat crematorium. In the world of classic boat enthusiasts Rob is viewed as a hero.

It’s funny really isn’t it? We have over 50 bikes that are not in rideable condition,  a museum of cameras that don’t work and now we have a once ‘sailable’ corpse en route.

Thanks god it’s Friday.

The Rag and Bone man

We have a Rag and Bone man.

I like the idea of the Rag and Bone man. We used to have one round our way when we were kids and he used to sharpen my mums kitchen knives on a big stone.


As I was so young I can’t really remember what he looked like, but I remember he used to keep his sharpening stone  in a sand coloured cloth.

Our new Rag and Bone does not fit the archetypal image. I have never seen him in fingerless gloves and as far as I am aware he doesn’t have a donkey.

Our Rag and Bone man is an artist, an alchemist, a creator, an inspiration.

'ANY old IRON?'

He takes bits of old junk and conjures them into magical pieces of design.

Bespoke Sargent and Co Oil dispenser

The Rag and Bone  man mostly works with metal and is based around the Finbsury Park area, if fancy donating some scrap metal or commissioning a unique piece, go to the blog and get in touch.

Wedding fever hits Sargent and Co

I think the royal wedding is o.k, I am neither excited nor dismissal of it. I don’t know them and I don’t think it is that romantic, they have been together about 10 years, getting hitched is pretty standard.

I am much more excited by one of our customers wedding, Mr Atkinson and soon to be Mrs. Atkinson. They recently had a Pashley tandem restored by Rob which they used on the Tweed Run.

On the Pashley

As Mr. Atkinson is from the Lakes and has a wee luxury bag brand (Cherchbi), he decided to commision the production of some very special Kendal Mint Cake in conjunction with the Cherchbi and the Tweed Run.

A real pick me up when riding

Kendal mint Cake is mostly made of sugar and has become a bit of forgotten treasure, it really sorts you out when you are having a bit of low when you are out on a big ride. Mr. Atkinson made 2 police men hyperactive by plying them with his mintcake.

their we go officer, see if that helps you forget about the red light

Anyway Mr and soon to be Mrs Atkinson are going to get married in a few weeks. They are going to go to Gretna Green, just the 2 of them.

They are going to ride to the registry office on the tandem, and they are going to come out of the registry office as a man and wife and ride away on the tandem. Then they are going to go around Scotland on their tandem for a wee honeymoon.

Nie touch

I think this is much more romantic than the Royal Wedding.