Watch out bike thieves about

As I am not a bike thief and I don’t hang around with any I am unsure about how they operate. What I am sure of is 2 of my friends had their bikes stolen last night (both bikes were in different parts of London).

I reckon as the weather is good robbers are well up for it, it’s prime selling season and they get to go out on the rob on a warm summers evening.

Each and every one of them

So people be on guard, lock it up somewhere busy, use good locks, use 2 locks, make sure their isn’t much space between the frame and the bike stand when it’s locked (so they can’t saw it without ruining the bike).

If you go down the police station you can get your bike security  marked so if the police get a big haul from a gang they can track your bike back to you, it’s a free service.

And biggest thing, don’t buy nicked bikes and parts, if no one buys them, no one robs them, simple innit.

To all bike thieves


One response to “Watch out bike thieves about

  1. They,re Barstards . If you see a Fugi Aloha 1.0 Time trial bike in black red and white , please inform the person riding it that the person who lovingly bought it back from South Africa would still like it back. But I have learned not to take it personally but it took me a while before the resentment subsided. All the best George , Tim.

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