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Opening Hours- June

Just so you know, we will be closed from:

18.00 on Saturday the 18th June


10.30 on Thursday the  30th June

Need to tidy up, ride our bikes and re-pot the tomatoes.


If I had a van…

I would bid on this today, win it tonight, drive to Devon tomorrow and cruise on Sunday.


Le Jeune, Frame and Forks- For Sale

regarde mon nouveau vélo

Qu'est-ce qu'un beau vélo, monsieur

il serait beau pour nous à la fois des vélos rouges

57 cm, french B.B included, 531 tubing, £360.

Stratton audax- SOLD



Stratton, also the name of a village in Dorset

Audax bike- built in Wandsworth.

Stratton Cycles are still going today and originally the store was owned by Claud Butler, but then George Stratton took hold of the reigns.

This cycle was owned by an old boy for a long time and we date it around the early 70’s.

If I bought this, I would take the train down to Dorset. Once in Dorset I would ride to Stratton and attend the summer fete.

Imagine, being there, astride your Stratton

I would get involved in the crockery smashing event, that sounds fun.

I would probably leave Stratton early evening and ride down to the coast, camp under the stars and eat fresh crab for dinner.

Fully serviced and ready to take on an adventure, this bike will be £550.

It’s a 60 cm frame and you will have to think up your own future adventures.

Mercian Touring Bike- SOLD

Will be dried off before selling

British Racing Green and Black, ooooh suits you

Yearning for the open road

Yes it’s a tourer, and yes it’ a Mercian, and yes it is a desirable piece of kit.

We have had Mercians’ in before and you an click here to find out more if you aren’t familiar with them.

Super comfy, very collectible, and is as English as tea and scones.

It’s got Campg hubs and headset and Deore chainset (O.K so maybe Tea and Biscotti not scones)…it is going to be fully rebuilt and serviced.

It has a 54 cm top tube is 54 cm and 56 cm downtube, ideal for someone with a 31-32 ” inside leg.

750 quid. Gawgeous.

Lets ride away together, just you and me…

The start of a journey too somewhere...

A magical moment captured

A friendship forged

“The world is full of people whose notion of a satisfactory future is, in fact, a return to the idealized past”.

Robertson Davies, A Voice from the Attic

Merlin (Bob Jackson) Racing Cycle- For Sale- SOLD

It's a stunning frame

Here we have 48 cm’s worth of heaven A stunning Merlin bicycle handbuilt in Leeds.

Originally it was Merlins of London, but the 2 brothers who built the bikes were heading for retirement and no one in the family wanted to take over. The old boys were forced to sell and Adam Hill (who built the Hill special) took over.

Many years passed by and then in 1955 Adam sold Merlin to Bob Jackson and  production moved up north. And that was that.

The pink Merlin is dripping in Campag. Record. This is going to be sold as a complete bike and will be built to spec. It’ a pink dream, it really is.