Daily Archives: May 5, 2011

Riding in the Peaks

I went riding in the Peaks for a week over Easter. It was very nice. I took my new Colnago. She rides like a dream. I ate Bakewell Tart in Bakewell. I rode up some nasty hills and back down again. I filled my lungs with fresh air. I went fast and made my eyes water a lot.  I found an amazing book shop. I read Patti Smiths autobiography. I fell in love with Patti Smith. I stood in a stream that was full of trouts. I tried to tickle a trout. I never caught a trout. I had a lovely time.

Kings Cross Station

The best book shop ever

A beautiful place to rest


Robs boat

I have mentioned previously that Rob has purchased a boat.

Actually I stand corrected, Rob has rescued a boat (if it wasn’t for him it would be 6 ft under now).

Buying a boat that does not sail can be quite problematic. You have to move it, so you can restore it. Boats are heavy and moving them isn’t that easy. He had to call in the experts.

Sat in the boat yard

In the yard

Hoist her up

Move her round

Dropping it off

Park her up

And let the restoration commence.

Pashley Picador

We got the Pashley Picador in  a few months ago. It’s always a bit of a gamble buying in trikes and tandems, and I think Rob buys them out of love rather than neccesity.

So the Picador  sat around the shop for some while; we did have one interested lady customer, who went as far as putting a deposit down, she played the Lute, I don’t know if she played medieval style music or not. The Lutist decided not to buy the Pashley as she thought it would be to heavy and she only wanted something that would make moving her Lute around a bit easier.

The new family vehicle

Several weeks passed before anyone else took any notice of the trike.

And then one sunny afternoon a lovely young couple came in who had a wee baby on the way and desperately needed a new family friendly set of wheels.


What you got there then?

Bobbys box of tricks