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Merlin (Bob Jackson) Racing Cycle- For Sale- SOLD

It's a stunning frame

Here we have 48 cm’s worth of heaven A stunning Merlin bicycle handbuilt in Leeds.

Originally it was Merlins of London, but the 2 brothers who built the bikes were heading for retirement and no one in the family wanted to take over. The old boys were forced to sell and Adam Hill (who built the Hill special) took over.

Many years passed by and then in 1955 Adam sold Merlin to Bob Jackson and  production moved up north. And that was that.

The pink Merlin is dripping in Campag. Record. This is going to be sold as a complete bike and will be built to spec. It’ a pink dream, it really is.


Claud Butler Tandem – SOLD

£570 or £285 each

This 1950’s, double the fun bicycle, used to be our work vehicle. It’s a dreamy 1950’s frame with a garish, but none the less attractive paint job. We reckon someone did a decent renovation job in the 80’s, we could be wrong, it could have been done in 2009 by someone with a penchant for 80’s colour fade.

It’s a tonne of fun to ride and makes you smile loads.

I am not going to bleet on about the spec.  and what a nice ride it is, because the best thing to do is get down here and take it for a test ride and see for yourself.

Tandems, they’re the future.

The world is going to end this Saturday so we are having a Sale

Yes that’s right, you have just 24 hours to say your thank you’s, I love you’s and good byes. We have it on good authority that tomorrow will spell the end for us mere mortals on earth.

According to a U.S based Christian group judgment day is nigh. The group have spent many an hour deciphering codes and clues in the bible and have found conclusive evidence that we will all be goners come 6pm tomorrow. I don’t know whether that  is 6 pm U.S time or our time, I am hoping it’s their time in which case I will be in bed and none the wiser.You can read more about your looming end here.

Meanwhile Rob and I were thinking we ought to shift some gear.

We were thinking if is the end of the world then people will probably want to splash their cash, you know, enjoy the last few hours, and if it isn’t, then, well we will all be filled with celebratory notions and turn to impulse buying to fulfill our lustful souls.

Click here to see whats up for grabs this week

Our customers

Some like the continental ones

Some keep it simple

Others make a statement

A big old dutch bike…

...for a very friendly gent

David Dansky strikes again

Mr Dansky there he is, the man himself

David is an avid cyclist and dips into all disciplines, I have known him do the Coast to Coast on a road bike, go MTB’ing in Wales, he went to some kind of BMX school thing once and I often see him pedaling around on his fixed Surly. He also plays Bike Polo and he is an Instructor of Cycling Instructors. He is practically a 2 wheeled mammal!

He bought this gorgeous Concorde a few weeks back. It’s funny as some people say people buy dogs that look like them. Stay with me here. Me and Rob think that some people get on a bike and it just looks right. I am not suggesting David looks like his bike, just that the minute he sat on it looked right, like it was the bike for him. It happens sometimes. I think everyone has a bike out there , it just takes some longer to find their bike than others.

Happy Birthday to Us

Sargent and Co is 3 today. Statistically you are most likely to go bump in the first 2 years of business, not that I would like to tempt fate, but 3 years is quite an achievement.

I wrote Rob a ‘Business Plan’ in January 2010 . He looked at it in December 2010. He did argue the point that we could see if all the things in the business plan had happened without him meaning them to. They hadn’t. But the shop is still here, and we have seen plenty of bikes come and go and plenty of happy people pedal away.

It’s all good.