Mercian Touring Bike- SOLD

Will be dried off before selling

British Racing Green and Black, ooooh suits you

Yearning for the open road

Yes it’s a tourer, and yes it’ a Mercian, and yes it is a desirable piece of kit.

We have had Mercians’ in before and you an click here to find out more if you aren’t familiar with them.

Super comfy, very collectible, and is as English as tea and scones.

It’s got Campg hubs and headset and Deore chainset (O.K so maybe Tea and Biscotti not scones)…it is going to be fully rebuilt and serviced.

It has a 54 cm top tube is 54 cm and 56 cm downtube, ideal for someone with a 31-32 ” inside leg.

750 quid. Gawgeous.


2 responses to “Mercian Touring Bike- SOLD

  1. Is this bike still for sale

    • Yes it is, sorry I only just replied. By all means pop down and have a test ride if you like.


      ps: maybe just double check before you set off, just in case, 0207 359 7642….

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