Stratton audax- SOLD



Stratton, also the name of a village in Dorset

Audax bike- built in Wandsworth.

Stratton Cycles are still going today and originally the store was owned by Claud Butler, but then George Stratton took hold of the reigns.

This cycle was owned by an old boy for a long time and we date it around the early 70’s.

If I bought this, I would take the train down to Dorset. Once in Dorset I would ride to Stratton and attend the summer fete.

Imagine, being there, astride your Stratton

I would get involved in the crockery smashing event, that sounds fun.

I would probably leave Stratton early evening and ride down to the coast, camp under the stars and eat fresh crab for dinner.

Fully serviced and ready to take on an adventure, this bike will be £550.

It’s a 60 cm frame and you will have to think up your own future adventures.


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