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It’s not all strikes, protests and countries going bankrupt.

We have lots of news. I have been to put the camera films in today.

The mind boggles

Read all about it

For some odd reason all the nice reviews on Yelp about the shop have been filtered and only the bad ones got posted. Don’t ask me why, I know nothing of technology, but I am glad I found them in our virtual litter bin.

Rob isn't an ogre, not really, he is a softie, that is until you bring him ALUMINUM

Joe Waugh – SOLD

It's sold, but I thought you might like a look all the same

The stamp of quality

The bloke who bought it seemed pleased as punch


London to Whitstable

Our bicycles all lined up

A refreshing dip in the freezing Sea

A well deserved rest


We didn't eat all of these, that would be silly

New bicycle Sir!

June Closing Hours

Ideally I would take a week off and ride with him

Just so you know, we will be closed from:

18.00 on Saturday the 18th June


10.30 on Thursday the  30th June

Need to tidy up, ride our bikes and re-pot the tomatoes and tidy the basement. It’s an exciting world.

Allin Single Speed -SOLD

A 1950's ride

Full of panache

Single speed cruising

Andy, the guy who bought this bike was a victim of it’s allure. Poor Andy was looking for a bike and fancied a single speed for the city.  He did not know too much about bikes and wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted.

Andy came in the shop and had a nosey around. He went away and shopped around.  He did some test rides.

He came back to the shop and put a deposit down on the Allin. Andy had been lured in. He has become quite fascinated with the bikes history and in fact the history of bikes, he has been doing tonnes of investigation.

Just a few weeks ago Andy was a normal person, getting on with his life.

A chance visit to a bicycle shop has left him enslaved to the geeky world of  frame numbers.

Beware, it cold be you next.

F.W Evans Tourer- SOLD

They had met the week before and only spent a few moments together. They just clicked. They just looked right together. Fate, luck & destiny.