Monthly Archives: June 2011

Holdsworth Tourer- SOLD

She bought a Holdsworth. He had a Gillot. Together they will tour and create happy lasting memories.


Pathfinder- Folding Shopper- SOLD

White walls, white pumps, white heels in the white basket. She's working it.

F.Neates Tandem- SOLD

The Mechanial Alhemcist has added this F.Neate tandem to his fleet

The Mechanical Alchemists' girlfriend liked the new addition

Mountrgove Road- where love and tandems are the order of the day

Cassius News

Silently creeping up on Rob

After biting Rob on the bum, Cassius leapt back into his box

But it was no use, he could not contain himself for laughter

Wee odes to the sorry cyclist


On leather her bottom sits quite peachy
While those long lycra legs spin round so effortlessly
With my eyes on her bust
I tumble and eat dust
and ponder was it worth it on arriving at casualty


There was a fine rider from Cork
Who was toodlin’ along in the park
When ’twas time to skedaddle
He hopped on the saddle
And downed many pints before dark


I saw a young man pass near,
Who’s riding style was particularly queer,
I said everyone knows,
Pedals belong under toes,
But a saddle shouldn’t be next to your ear

Courtesy of Brooks Blog.