Nigel Slater eyeing up the toms and hopeful for Robs pumpkins

That's him to the right of the door, dressed in black

Rob and I were outside banging out some seized cotter pins with  a vice and a hammer, when we realised their was a camera man lurking behind us.

Knowing we were unlikely stars, we asked the camera man what was going on.

He was filming Nigel Slater for a T.V program, set to come out this autumn.

Nigel admired the tomatoes in the window and the chillies, he even proclaimed he himself had not managed to harvest such wonderfully red toms.

He is now stood outside admiring Robs curly Kale. Luckily this morning I brought my whitefly spray from home as Rob has an infestation. Thank goodness Robs curly Kale will not be flaunted on T.V to all and sundry, suffering with white fly. An embarrassing situation narrowly avoided there. Phew.

ps: Cassius is also going to be on the T.V, Nigel took a liking to him as well.


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