London Open 2011- Hardcourt bike polo comp.

This weekend their is a huge bike polo event taking place. Neither Rob or I play polo,  but we are invariably exposed to it one way or another, with us both having mates who play and of course customers. I went and watched the European Championships a few years back and it was mint to watch, although it did chuck it down, and the dye on my saddle stained my trousers, but you can hardy blame the organisers for that can you?

The event is taking place at Hackney Downs this weekend and their is a picnic area and food and coffee and it’s forecast sun, jobs a good’un.

Starts tomorrow, finishes Sunday

We have just had some of the players in the shop, making some last minute purchases and tweaks, they had come from Berlin and were a right chirpy old bunch. Rent is really cheap in Berlin and in the summer it’s really hot and in the winter it’s really cold, and the trains and buses all run on time, these are the 3 main reasons I think they were so happy.

The machines

Oli, Morc, Stefan, Wiebke, Wibke

Watch out polo teams, the formidable smilers form Berlin have arrived.


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