Rossin frameset -Columbus EL tubing- For Sale

People go nuts for this tubing.


And for classic Rossin frames.

From the front

Here is a bit of info. taken from an article all about tubing (Smart

But…. there was something truly special waiting for those that bought bikes made of EL-OS. EL-OS was 0.7mm at the butt and drawn down to 0.4mm in the center section. First of all, there was a reduction in weight, about 1/4 pound. That’s always nice. The biggest bonus was in how the bike felt. Anyone who has ridden an EL-OS bike built by a good builder understands what a supple, beautiful, wonderful bike really is.

The problem was that getting a 0.4mm tubeset bike was expensive. Even now, almost a decade later, there are tubing companies that do not even have the technology to draw a 0.4mm tube. Even though Columbus can now draw 0.385 (a reduction of 15 thousandths of a millimeter from 0.4mm), I think we can safely say that 0.4mm is still the state of the art.

Up close

This frame set is really desirable and super light. It will perform and make your eyes whirl and heart beat.

And personal

It’s finished in a slightly deeper tone than Ferrari red. It’s been fillet brazed.

Showing off

It’s going to very sexy when it’s built up.

love chrome, nice touch

Don’t tell Rob, but imagine this with a new groupset fitted, it would be mean.

54 cm Square.


Mamma mia.


6 responses to “Rossin frameset -Columbus EL tubing- For Sale

  1. Yes beautiful, is it tempered, will it buck, and how much for postage to Brisbane.?

  2. Climbers fancy.
    Yes beautiful, is it tempered, will it buck, and how much for postage to Bri 2747-sbane.?

  3. Yum fucking Yum

  4. i asked it and it said it dont like the cut of your jib and it dont fancy goin down under either : )

  5. Did you ever build this , if so how about pics? Or did you sell it?

    I am looking for an early 80s Rossin team frame similar to verandelux team spec

    • Hello there steve, sorry we sold this one….we have other bikes though, but not sure anything that specific. There are a lot of Italian numbers in, but not Rossin. Are you in the London area? You could pop round? Alternatively if you send Rob an email at Rob@sargentandco explaining what you are after and the size, he will certainly keep his eyes peeled for you. Cheers, Georgie

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