We have a really bad review on Yelp, although the review itself it does make us chuckle, we feel it is very unjust, as we also have a load of 4 and 5 star reviews which have been filtered so people can not read them.

I emailed Yelp and asked them to make our good reveiws visible.

And they ignored me. I tried mailing, phoning, skyping, sending a letter,  The ba***rds are impossible to contact.

I have been fishing around online and have come to the conclusion that Yelp are a bunch of scammers, and I hate them. I am not alone. Their is an army of us building up across the globe. Others have suffered at the hands of this corporate monster. It would seem business’ that don’t pay for advertising coincidentally all seem to suffer with the same good review filter that we are suffering with.

So Yelp, screw you, screw your reviews, screw your advertising, I hope your leech like empire collapses around you, you bunch of greedy tarts.



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