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Enjoy bank holiday, dust off your disco shoes, even if you only to walk to the shop in them


One for the diary

Herne Hill-September 11th- pedal powered outdoors cinema, airing Breaking Away, mint film, mint setting, all round good vibes.

Lazy sunday cinema club

If you live in London and you are not getting mashed at Notting Hill or anywhere else for that matter then head to Hackney City Farm, for an evening of pleasantness, ‘A Cycle in Cinema’.

This weekend

I am not convinced by the film title, but knowing Hackney bicycle film society, the film won’t  be lame, no way. Get down there with your maltesers and a picnic rug (and a cheeky bottle of red).

Love is in the air

Tom has visited the shop pretty much every couple of the months for the last 2 years. He travels up from Croydon; he takes the train to Victoria and then takes the tube. We are not a far walk from the tube, all the same, once combined, it’s a fair old schlep.

The things is you see, Tom has not been worried about distance, or time, as he has had a mission, a goal, and when you have a goal, time is but an irrelevant number.

Tom wanted to fall in love and it broke our hearts, him coming here month after month, trying different ones out, only to have the same problem time after time.

He would like the look, he would like the parts, but he just couldn’t find the magic.

Last Saturday, Tom took the train to Victoria, then tube, then walked to the shop, From day one  he had been adamant that he wanted to fall in love with one from London, so just imagine our shock when he declared he had fallen for an Italian.

Journeys end in lovers meeting

He had seen her on the blog and he was smitten, he was on the first train up here. He had fallen for the Ernie Clements/Simoncini and their was no turning back, he had waited long enough. He said he knew he what he wanted and nothing was going to change his mind. Rob was glad Tom had finally found the one, we reckon they have some good times ahead.

Ladies Austro Daimler bike- For Sale

This bikes was built in Austria. We have no reason to believe it was ever owned by a beautiful milk maid who had long plaited hair that shone like silk and eyes that glistened like sapphires in the alpine sun.

We have in fact no idea how this bike came about to being here, but lets view it romantically.

the gentle breeze caught her hair as she cycled...

...across the lane and over the bridge by the stream...

...where her grandfather had often spent his days fishing for trout...

See, even I want to buy this bike now. It’s wonderful history warms my heart.

When you look at the logo typeface you can almost taste Viennese whirls.

It’s a 20″ frame, 10 speed, Weinmann brakes. I took it for a spin earlier and it’s got a very relaxed feel to it. I suppose that will be alpine village influence, they have a very slow pace of life in the alps.

It needs to be stripped and rebuilt, but will be in the region of £240 when done.

A perfect commuter bike brought to you from the continent.

Im scherz gesprochen.

Cassius News

Sometimes it's nice to hide away and have a lie down

The Metropole is back in stock -For Sale

Hot wheels for lasses

After a two and a half month dry spell, the Metropole is back in stock.

They sold out, and people were asking for them and we couldn’t get hold of them.

We did try, I even asked Billy Bates, and he can get hold of anything.

Click here to read all about them. They cost £310 which aint half bad.