Ernie Clements/Simocini Road Bike – SOLD

Simoncini are bicycle builders, based near Florence in Italy, they custom build bikes, and it will cost you the best part of 3000 euros to get your mitts on one.

Ernie Clements was a road riding champion, and bicycle shop owner.

Ernie, being an ex champion, knew a good bike when he saw one.

Meet the Ernie Clements/Simocini road bike.

An Italian called Ernie?

By all accounts Ernie was really nice fella, the kind of bloke you would like to buy a bike from.I took this for a wee spin earlier, and it’s as smooth as P Diddys chat up lines.

It’s got a 24 speed Campagnolo Daytona, chainset, and Shimnao RX100 brake callipers. 52 cm frame.

Take it for a spin and feel the force.

£650, fully rebuilt and serviced.


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