Ladies Austro Daimler bike- For Sale

This bikes was built in Austria. We have no reason to believe it was ever owned by a beautiful milk maid who had long plaited hair that shone like silk and eyes that glistened like sapphires in the alpine sun.

We have in fact no idea how this bike came about to being here, but lets view it romantically.

the gentle breeze caught her hair as she cycled...

...across the lane and over the bridge by the stream...

...where her grandfather had often spent his days fishing for trout...

See, even I want to buy this bike now. It’s wonderful history warms my heart.

When you look at the logo typeface you can almost taste Viennese whirls.

It’s a 20″ frame, 10 speed, Weinmann brakes. I took it for a spin earlier and it’s got a very relaxed feel to it. I suppose that will be alpine village influence, they have a very slow pace of life in the alps.

It needs to be stripped and rebuilt, but will be in the region of £240 when done.

A perfect commuter bike brought to you from the continent.

Im scherz gesprochen.


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