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Ladies Triumph Single Speed- For Sale

We have a  fully serviced and very pretty Triumph with brand spanking new tyres and brake blocks.

The Triumph lazing by the privets

It’s also fitted with a brand new basket and mount.

The bikes got a 21″ frame and has lots of lovely details, including the chainset, which spells out Triumph in a circle. I personally really like this, it may not impress others in the same way.

It’s a single speed and is fitted with mudguards and a chain guard.

Basically it’s equipped to take the town by storm- you have something to stop you getting splashed, something to stop you getting oil on you, something  to carry all your gear in, and no gears to faff with. Winner.



The truest joys of cycling

Jane Madembo

As a kid, my bike offered me a rite of passage to freedom and a tool by which to explore.

For people from other countries, owning a bicycle can seem like an impossible dream, filled with endless possibilities of liberation.

Jane Madembo proses an insightful article for the Guardian, about how the kindness of a Swedish woman offered her unimaginable freedom in her native  Zimbabwe. Well worth a read.

At the boatyard with a camera and time to dream

Bright Spell



Cycling Games Compendium

David Dansky, the man who trained me to be a cycle instructor, and introduced me to games like ‘stay in the box’, has released a new book. Now I am not suggesting for one moment this is a curl up on a rainy Sunday afternoon kind of book. This book is a teaching resource.

It would be quite easy to scoff at the relevance of games when teaching cycling, but until you have played them, let me tell you, you really wouldn’t know.

Doing the  ‘slow race’ in the playground will leave you faced with a row of gappy tooth smiles and more importantly a bunch of kids who understand how to balance on their bikes.


If you do teach, this could be a valuable resource. I also reckon it could come in pretty handy at a kids party*, tire them out and quieten them down.

You can buy this book for a tenner, here.

ps: bike games are just as good for adults, ‘foot down’ leaves me in fits of giggles.

*Sargent and Co will not be held liable for mishaps.

The good folk- Ron Cooper and David Crowe

'The' Ron Cooper and Dave Crowe

When I was really young I used to trust everybody. As the years pass I have become proportionally more cynical and  less trusting. I put this down to experience and London.

When I saw this picture Rob had taken of frame building legend Ron Cooper and frame painter, Dave, I felt 5 years old again.

I would probably believe anything Mr Cooper told me,  because he wears a buttoned up shirt underneath his mechanics coat, which reminds me of my grandad, and you can imagine he knows loads of things. I would also trust Dave, because he has the kind of smile that can’t be faked.

I like snapshots.

Sargent and Co in Japan

As I am only here 2 days a week, it is often a concern what Rob may have been up to in my absence. Today a new set of sails (or something huge and boat related) arrived in the post; the shop is already what an estate agent would describe as ‘cosy and compact’. Alas I have spent the afternoon wrestling a sail every time I want to have a sip of my water.

Once sat down, (after negotiating the sail),  I noticed a business card filled with Japanese characters. Rob told me a nice man had been in from Japan.

The land of the Rising Sun

Apparently he wanted to take some pictures of the shop and do an interview.

Rob made a pot of tea, had a natter and had his portrait taken.

‘It’s for a Japanese magazine’, the man told Rob.

Anyway I have taken a look at this magazines website, and I can’t make head nor tail of it. It’s all written in Japanese. So Sargent and Co are going to be in a magazine, we don’t know the theme of the magazine, we don’t have the foggiest about it’s content, and we don’t when the article will be printed.We also don’t know if it gets distributed in England.

Excellent marketing skills Rob.

No bonking please, we are British