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You may remember earlier on I the year I took great pleasure in mocking Rob as he prepared for his triathlon. The tables have now turned, I now 19 hours until kick off, until the whistle blows. Rob has taken great delight in probing me all day about my impending torture. Me and my Colnago are off to get the train now, wish us luck.


Closed and closing


We closed early last Friday, at half past four to be precise. Rob had a wedding to get to, on a boat on the Thames.

Here is a picture of the wedding party as they passed some of London’s finest landmarks.

The River Thames on a pleasant September evening

You are probably thinking ‘why is the man on the right sporting a white turban with a flower attached and a pair of white plastic framed sunglasses at a wedding’.

I thought that to.


In a few weeks we will be closing for a week or 2. We closed last year around late September for or a week or 2, and Rob went to Italy.; nowt that grand this year, not with the recession on, just a few days in a one man canoe down the Thames estuary this year. He is also hoping to take the 149 down to London Bridge and talk the riverside walk to Embankment beach (or La Playa d’embankment, as we have aptly named it), dip his toes in the river, and have a nice ice cream and a relax.

Please keep your eyes peeled on the website for definite closing dates.If you are in need of repair work I would look to getting it booked in a.s.a.p.

If you are after getting a bike I recommend you come down and have a look as soon as you get chance; due to imminent Thames sailing trips Rob will be easy to barter with as he will want some cash for packed lunches and train fares.

San Rensho

3 victories

Big ride this weekend

and this how the day will start


Ready to roll

Claudia, is a keen cyclist and is about to embark on a cycling adventure. Being a young professional lady, she decided to splash some hard earned cash on a new set of wheels for her adventure. A pal of hers had bought a bike from the shop previously and recommended she came and checked us out. She came and checked us out, fell for the Scapin, and that was that. Happy pedaling times ahead for Claudia and her gorgeous new bike.

Cassius News

Things got a bit hectic earlier on this week, too much to do, too little time. Cassius could see his master struggling under the load and offered his paws for the day.

Pass me the 6 mil hex key will you?

As it transpired he wasn’t really cut our for mechanics work, he doesn’t like to get his paws dirty and he trapped his whiskers in the chain twice. The whole day turned out to be quite slow paced as he had to have a nap every hour or so.

Ah well, the thought was there, thanks Cassius.

The bloom outside has not gone un noticed

Sunflowers make you happy

This week we received a complimentary email from Duncan, founder and creator of the Plantlock, saying that Robs’ Plantlock was the best he had seen this year. I reckon the sunflower swung it, it’s really tall and barely a soul wonders past without passing a comment. I think Mountgrove Rd has its very own micro climate, things grow bigger on this street than my street.