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Demon rider

Sargent and Co wishes you a hellish halloween mwah ha ha

Courtesy of local artist and illustrator-extraordinaire, Ben Whitehouse

We’re all going on a summer holiday

sail sail sail a boat gently down the sea

Rob is still enjoying his autumnal holiday.He didn’t catch any fish out at sea, but he did catch scurvy.

Bicycle Mechanic Opportunity

Sargent and Co is looking for a mechanic.

We are looking for a mechanic with experience working with Classic bikes, which includes both road bikes and pre-90’s town bikes.

The role will be self managed, you will be in charge of booking and managing your own clients., whether it be for servicing, rebuilds or complete restorations.

The mechanic will also be responsible for ordering his own parts and managing his own stock.

The mechanic would operate from the Sargent and Co shop, in a self employed capacity, with access to all tools and existing customer base. The mechanic would be responsible for managing his own accounts and takings in store.

The role ideally would be 4/5 days a week, but this is negotiable. The shop would be available for sole use by the mechanic for a minimum of 3 days/week.

A weekly charge would apply for use of the premises, which would be inclusive of all overheads (Business Rates, Water Gas, Electric). This rate will be dependent on the number of days/hours a week the mechanic wishes to use the store.

All works carried out by the mechanic in store would be in line with ‘Sargent and Co’ ethos i..e no aluminum bikes, no mountain bikes, no BMX, no modern (post 1995) road bikes, no hybrids. Charges made to customers for any repair or restoration would be in line with the Sargent and Co price list. A copy of all receipts would be submitted monthly.

This is an ideal opportunity for somebody looking to build (or extend) their own business with a minimum of overheads and initial outlay.

A passion and consideration for Classic bikes and excellent customer service skills are an absolute must.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the right person.

Interviews will be held on the 19 th October.

Please send C.V’s/details to

If you do not hear back please do not be offended, unfortunately we will only be able to contact successful applicants.

Things for Sale

Get on Ebay and check out Bobby’s scorchers.

We’ve got frames, books, bikes, all sorts for sale.



The shop is closed

put the camera down bozo

We are closed until November 2nd.

Today we have been busy photographing bikes and drinking tea. At around 3pm  I put Madonna ‘Holiday’ on Youtube and turned the volume up. We were both singing along when we were disturbed by a knock at the door.  It was the couple from the flat upstairs, they are moving out and wondered whether Rob would like their sofa. As this is shop and their is not enough space for the stock, Rob gladly accepted the offer of the sofa.

The sofa is now in the middle of the shop and we can’t open or close the door. Cassius is behaving characteristically defensive, claiming the sofa as his.

Never a dull moment, I tell you…

(a fine selection of bicycles and frames from Sargent and Co shall be online soon)