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The Rag and Bone Man

The Rag and Bone Man (aka The Mechanical Alchemist) had a show in the shop some time ago. His show was a resounding success, because his work is fantastic, and it never ceases to amaze- we had 3 year old kids to 90 year old ladies with their noses pressed up against the window admiring his handicraft. Anyway I was having a butchers at his website earlier and noted he has made lots of new work and had more shows and we are very pleased for him. I just hope it doesn’t all go to his head and he moves to L.A and gets in with the wrong crowd, because that’s what happens.

Nice touch

His work can be viewed here, and if you have sense and money I would think this is a good way to spend to it.


A touring bike for a german gentleman wielding a camera

Last Friday I said to Rob ‘I am surprised the Nigel Dean touring bike hasn’t sold’ Rob expressed his surprise also, we then went onto discuss possible reasons it hadn’t sold. It was an interesting chat.  We both shared the viewpoint that it was a very good bike for the money, but perhaps not ‘sexy’ enough, a bit like a comfy pair of shoes- shoes you should buy , but you don’t.

I suggested Rob tarted the bike up a bit, a bit of bar tape, new saddle, perhaps a different set of bars. Rob said ‘No!’, he was confident that the right person would come in for the bike and we should not go tampering with it. That was the end of the discussion as we had other things to do.

Klaus and his tourer

Cue Klaus.

It was a grey yet dry saturday afternoon and a german photographer who had recently relocated to London was shopping for a bike, he strolled into Sargent and Co in hope of finding something that would fulfil his ample needs.

‘I am looking for a bike’ he declared’ something understated, something handbuilt, something grey, it must be comfortable’. ‘Well step this way and meet the Nigel Dean’ gestured Rob.

And of course Klaus thought the bike was just perfect and was most pleased.

You can admire Klaus’ beautiful photography here,  (I admit I don’t know much about photography, but I know what I like and I like what I see).


Bike neesds reuniting with its loving owner

A helpful gent has posted this on the LFGSS forum:

Last Tuesday evening (1st Nov), roughly 6pm, there was an accident involving a cyclist on Haymarket nr the junction with Charles II Street. I arrived just after the event, so didn’t see what happened – the rider was out cold on the deck. When police arrived, they dumped his bike some yards away at the side of the road. My only experience of a serious accident is a bike nearly going missing at hospital so I volunteered to keep it safe in my nearby office and the police/ambo people would make sure he got my details. I rode past a bit later – the rider was being treated and said he would call me

Having heard nothing since, I am rather concerned communication broke down somewhere and indeed whether I did the right thing in the first place…. I found this forum whislt wondering what to do – the bike is a fixed gear bob jackson frame, with single front brake and clipless pedals, size medium-ish. Damage is minimal, I think: the front wheel looks a bit dodgy.

So, if you the rider are on here, then first of all I hope very much that you are OK and please get in touch. If anyone else reading knows who this might be, please post. I really, really want to get the bike back to its owner and am a bit stuck, hence this appeal. Any other ideas would also be appreciated

Thanks for reading

If anyone knows the rider then could you please point them to the thread below

Spread the word folks


Remember, remember the 5th November

gemma_correll_cat_illustrationLooks like illustrator Gemma Correll and her cats are going to have a similar bonfire night to me. When I was kid everyman and his dog put a bonfire on, yet this year I can’t find one to go to for love nor money. Where did all the bonfires go? We blame the following:

Health and safety. Lack of gardens. Berlusconi. Greece. Unpredictable weather patterns. Public sector pensions. Bankers bonuses. Metrosexuality,


Peugeots SOLD, Motobecane, Falcon SOLD- For Sale

We have lots on new bikes in:

First off we have his n’ hers Peugeots , these can be sold separately, but their is something both scary and amazing when couples rock the same look, so I vote they stay together. Paul Daniels and Debbie Mc Gee often champion matching outfits, or at least carefully coordinated outfits, as do Wills and Kate, the Beckhams’ and Mariah Carey and whoever he is.

Now you may mock, but Paul and Debbie have been together for an eternity, and the Beckhams, well they have survived against all  the odds, both bikes come in at under £500 for the pair, a hell of a lot cheaper than a divorce, or even an annulment.

Nb: We can sell separately if someone really wants just one of them.

French leaf green- feast your eyes on that for a colour

We have an early 70’s Motebecane and the colour is  so fresh it makes your eyes hurt. This tasty French Reynolds 531 machine will be £380.00, fully rebuilt. Ooh la la la.

And last, but by no means least, is this very classy looking ladies Falcon road bike. She has recently been tastefully resprayed in off white, and has a beautiful vintage brown Brooks saddle

She isn't fashionable, she is stylish

I think this bike is an absolute delight, but it is way to small for me, I am 5 ft 7 (and a half), I think she is best suited to  a more petite member of the fairer sex.

The Falcon has been fully rebuilt and is ready to ride away today, £380.00.

Hello, greetings, good day

We are open again, hello people

After several weeks of being closed, we are officially now open again. Rob has had a wee break and is feeling rested and relaxed, I would go as far as to say  he is chirpy, to be truthful his manner is disconcerting, Cassius and I are keeping our heads down.

Lots has been happening whilst we have been closed. Rob has expanded his empire and set up an eBay store.We have dabbled in selling bits and bobs on eBay before, however we now have a bona fide store, with books, bikes, parts, and all sorts of cycling related assortments and oddities.

By the way, if you see anything on eBay you fancy and you live locally, please feel free to come to the shop and buy it, you don’t have to go via eBay, it’s jut an option for those who aren’t lucky enough to swing by the store of an Afternoon.