Hello, greetings, good day

We are open again, hello people

After several weeks of being closed, we are officially now open again. Rob has had a wee break and is feeling rested and relaxed, I would go as far as to say  he is chirpy, to be truthful his manner is disconcerting, Cassius and I are keeping our heads down.

Lots has been happening whilst we have been closed. Rob has expanded his empire and set up an eBay store.We have dabbled in selling bits and bobs on eBay before, however we now have a bona fide store, with books, bikes, parts, and all sorts of cycling related assortments and oddities.

By the way, if you see anything on eBay you fancy and you live locally, please feel free to come to the shop and buy it, you don’t have to go via eBay, it’s jut an option for those who aren’t lucky enough to swing by the store of an Afternoon.


One response to “Hello, greetings, good day

  1. Very nice , I’ve never seen a bike labelled & Co before , it shows just just how much a loving bunch of nut cases you are. All the best and did you find a mechanic to fit the bill?

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