Peugeots SOLD, Motobecane, Falcon SOLD- For Sale

We have lots on new bikes in:

First off we have his n’ hers Peugeots , these can be sold separately, but their is something both scary and amazing when couples rock the same look, so I vote they stay together. Paul Daniels and Debbie Mc Gee often champion matching outfits, or at least carefully coordinated outfits, as do Wills and Kate, the Beckhams’ and Mariah Carey and whoever he is.

Now you may mock, but Paul and Debbie have been together for an eternity, and the Beckhams, well they have survived against all  the odds, both bikes come in at under £500 for the pair, a hell of a lot cheaper than a divorce, or even an annulment.

Nb: We can sell separately if someone really wants just one of them.

French leaf green- feast your eyes on that for a colour

We have an early 70’s Motebecane and the colour is  so fresh it makes your eyes hurt. This tasty French Reynolds 531 machine will be £380.00, fully rebuilt. Ooh la la la.

And last, but by no means least, is this very classy looking ladies Falcon road bike. She has recently been tastefully resprayed in off white, and has a beautiful vintage brown Brooks saddle

She isn't fashionable, she is stylish

I think this bike is an absolute delight, but it is way to small for me, I am 5 ft 7 (and a half), I think she is best suited to  a more petite member of the fairer sex.

The Falcon has been fully rebuilt and is ready to ride away today, £380.00.


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