A touring bike for a german gentleman wielding a camera

Last Friday I said to Rob ‘I am surprised the Nigel Dean touring bike hasn’t sold’ Rob expressed his surprise also, we then went onto discuss possible reasons it hadn’t sold. It was an interesting chat.  We both shared the viewpoint that it was a very good bike for the money, but perhaps not ‘sexy’ enough, a bit like a comfy pair of shoes- shoes you should buy , but you don’t.

I suggested Rob tarted the bike up a bit, a bit of bar tape, new saddle, perhaps a different set of bars. Rob said ‘No!’, he was confident that the right person would come in for the bike and we should not go tampering with it. That was the end of the discussion as we had other things to do.

Klaus and his tourer

Cue Klaus.

It was a grey yet dry saturday afternoon and a german photographer who had recently relocated to London was shopping for a bike, he strolled into Sargent and Co in hope of finding something that would fulfil his ample needs.

‘I am looking for a bike’ he declared’ something understated, something handbuilt, something grey, it must be comfortable’. ‘Well step this way and meet the Nigel Dean’ gestured Rob.

And of course Klaus thought the bike was just perfect and was most pleased.

You can admire Klaus’ beautiful photography here,  (I admit I don’t know much about photography, but I know what I like and I like what I see).



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