Bike neesds reuniting with its loving owner

A helpful gent has posted this on the LFGSS forum:

Last Tuesday evening (1st Nov), roughly 6pm, there was an accident involving a cyclist on Haymarket nr the junction with Charles II Street. I arrived just after the event, so didn’t see what happened – the rider was out cold on the deck. When police arrived, they dumped his bike some yards away at the side of the road. My only experience of a serious accident is a bike nearly going missing at hospital so I volunteered to keep it safe in my nearby office and the police/ambo people would make sure he got my details. I rode past a bit later – the rider was being treated and said he would call me

Having heard nothing since, I am rather concerned communication broke down somewhere and indeed whether I did the right thing in the first place…. I found this forum whislt wondering what to do – the bike is a fixed gear bob jackson frame, with single front brake and clipless pedals, size medium-ish. Damage is minimal, I think: the front wheel looks a bit dodgy.

So, if you the rider are on here, then first of all I hope very much that you are OK and please get in touch. If anyone else reading knows who this might be, please post. I really, really want to get the bike back to its owner and am a bit stuck, hence this appeal. Any other ideas would also be appreciated

Thanks for reading

If anyone knows the rider then could you please point them to the thread below

Spread the word folks


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