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Looking for a place to go for a festive tipple?

Then have a ganders at this site and get some pointers

where the fuck should I go for drinks’.


Christmas opening times

We will be closing on the 22nd December at 18.30.

Christmas 2011

And we will re open on the 29th December at 10.30.

May you have a very, very, very merry christmas

Lots of love, Rob, Cassius and Georgie

Generation Y

Thoughts for the Future

Freedom fighter, travel writer;
Beach bum, doley scum;
Work the land, stable hand;
Radio star, pop up bar?!;
Cake baker, artist (faker);

Cat care, creative lair;
Cave dweller, wine cellar;
Inspire youth, super sleuth;
Child care, seduce an heir;

Anything, but an office job, please.

Bicycle parts for Sale



for Sale

Check out the eBay shop

Turbo Trainer- For Sale

...and they're off.....

No sooner had man created a machine capable of moving him from A to B, he had devised something to keep the machine stationary.

Turbo trainers are a good way of getting some undisturbed miles in, especially if you want to get some speed up and get the heart racing. They are also pretty good if you live in the city and it takes you a while to get out somewhere decent to ride, as it means you can still get an hour in, come the evening.

They are also good for ponces who are scared of the wind and rain and prefer to ride inside with the central heating on and Strictly Come Dancing on the wide screen.

Joking aside, turbo trainers are a great way to keep fit, and keep your other half sweet (no more disappearing out of the house for hours at end).

The route to a fitter, better you

We have these cyclops Fluid rollers for sale for £45.00, you can collect from the shop Wed-Sat- (would make a superb Christmas present).

Derek Hill oil painting- For Sale

Many years ago Rob was asked to document (photograph) Derek Hills’ studio up in Sunderland, this ‘documentation’ was meant to take a few weeks. 2 years later Rob finished the project and Mr Hill bestowed Rob with one of his paintings. Rob has had the oil painting forming a background to 2 decades of his life and has decided it’s time to move on and has put it up For Sale. There is no space to do it justice in the shop and well sometimes it’s time to move on isn’t it?

You can view some of Dereks more recent work at Saatchi online and you can see the painting itself by clicking here (when you see it in the flesh it gives you strange little tingles – I wish I could afford it).

Show off