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Stories that warm the heart

Nothing brings me more joy than a person with with a good story (and a dog). Some people have loads of stories and they deliver them in a way that makes you hang onto very word. I used to work with a bloke who had a lot of tales, I reckon about 70% of his tales were as long as the Mersey tunnel- I didn’t mind that they were fabricated, because they were entertaining and we worked the Tuesday night shift in a backstreet boozer and their was nothing to do other than tell tales.

We had a bloke in here earlier this week selling a bike who had a good tale – he had come in to see if we would be interested in buying his father in laws’ bike.

The bike was pretty old, it looked like it was from the late 40’s/early 50’s.

J Clarkes of Newcastle

His father in law had gone on a tour of Britain, with a view to staying in every Youth Hostel scattered across this great land. This would have been in the early 50’s and the roads would have barely had any cars and it must have been silent, but for the sound of the birds in the trees, it must have been great. But please don’t allow yourself to carried away with nostalgia, as something truly terrible happened, something happened that we wouldn’t  imagine when we dream of the past. His bike got nicked. Yes, stolen. The 1950’s wasn’t all peaceful roads and busty blonde bombshells on the big screen, they had bicycle thieves then to.

Determined to remain undeterred by this hiccup, he marched himself down to a local bike shop (in Newcastle) and bought himself a new bike, a J Clarkes. The tour continued and he carried on lovingly riding this bike for another 63 years, and that was his tale.


Do you happen to be looking for a DE Vere 504 Ilford Ilfospeed Multigrade Head Enlarger

Well stop your search right there.

bigger the better

We have one for sale and it’s on eBay with 4 days left, (further technical details can be found on eBay).

Do you happen to be looking for a Mamiya C220 Medium Format Camera?

Well stop yourself in your tracks my friends, slow it right down, because we have exactly what you are looking for.

makes good snapshots when in the right hands

It’s in very good condition and you can have a punt and find out more by clicking here.

Have you been incessantly searching for a vintage light box that was an X ray box in a former life at Guys hospital?  Thought your requirements were too specific? Felt like you were never going to find what you were looking for? Felt like their was nowhere left to turn? It’s time to leave all that behind you, the anguish is over. We have one and you can buy it here.

35mm slide film, also available

I suspect you might be wondering why a bike shop happens to be selling a load of camera gear; well the truth of the matter is that Rob used to be a photographer, he used to take snaps for a living…

Anybody that has visited Sargent and Co will know that the space is all consuming, there isn’t an inch spare in the whole shop, bicycles and bicycle related memorabilia fill every line of vision – Some might call Rob’s fascination with bicycles “obsessive”, “fanatical”, “eccentric”, the funny thing is, Rob displayed all of these qualities when he was a photographer, and he  immersed himself in all things ‘camera’, and thus he has plenty of photography paraphernalia he wants to sell.

He is one of lifes’ collectors, some people just are (did you know that people who collect teddy bears are called arctophiles?!)

One of Robs' pictures- bella

Let’s go ride

I went to Whitby last weekend. Whitby is great and just 15 miles from the North York Moors National Park, which is a beautiful spot to go riding, you have hills, the coast, fantastic views, decent pubs and food stops. I am going to stop myself there because the average Yorkshire man already thinks s/he is spawned from the land superior, and I don’t want blow their trumpets too much. But yeah the Moors and the Dales, never disappoint.

Whitby Bay (birthplace of Dracula!)

Enjoy Britain.

Picture courtesy of Andrew Roberts.

Prints for Sale

Roll up roll up, we have got 40 screen prints, 4 designs,  10 of each, signed and numbered, from £25.00-35.00.  Nice gift for you to you (sod christmas).

Decent bit of wall fodder

The full collection can be viewed here on Gruppo bikes website. Gruppo bikes is owned by Natahn, who is now working at the shop sometimes, which means we are now open Sundays….come by and say hello.

Cycling socks for gentlemen

'For men and sons of men'

New old stock socks (say that fast 3 times). Yes these are amazing, made by Holdsworth and stored in the original box for over 50 years they are now back in the public domain- offering themselves as perfect stocking filler for the man with 44-45.5 foot in your life.

The best thing about these socks in my forceful opinion is the print;

‘for men and sons of men’

If I was a son I would want me and my dad to be described as ‘men and sons of men’, doesn’t it sound grand!

Sadly you can’t get hold of a pair of these in our shop, but they are available both online or in store at the Vintage Bike Cave, and if you haven’t been to the Vintage Bike Cave then you should, it’s full of delights.