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Bobbys Bets On competition week 2 (in support of the Olympics 2012)

Last week we held a competition to win a set of rollers, contestants had to decide:

Will Cassius find it easier to:-

‘approach a wild  giant Salamander and touch it’s tail for 3 seconds’


‘catch a wild salmon using just his teeth (no paws)’.

Brainbox Jane, born in Margate resides in Homerton stomped up the leader board and became the winner with this very sensible answer:

‘Hi, I defo think he has more chance with the salamander. Basically because, I don’t think he will realise what the salamander is, when he realises after 3 seconds he will remove his paw. AND he will be too afraid of the water to bother with the salmons’.

Well done Jane.

Our thoughts go out to those who tried, but sadly failed, but all is not lost, no no no, as you can be in with chance of winning this weeks prize!

Star prize

An Olmo musette!!! From the Olmo shop in Italy no less. No doubt you re dying to get your mitts on this, to be in with a chance  all you need to do is answer this very simply question:

Who would win a full contact wrestling match, to be held on the Swiss side of the Alps?

Eddie Merckx (aged 48) v Fausto Coppi (aged 39)

The lucky winner will be announced next Friday.


HackApella- Singing in Hackney

Singing and cycling

I am very excited about local independent theatre,  Tour de Forces, most recent offering- HackAppella. It starts on  Sunday 29th and you go along and you get taught to sing various jazz pieces and by the end of the course you will be capable of belting out a decent accapella apparently… and if you are tone deaf don’t worry….according to Peter the teacher ‘I can work with anything, their is no such thing as someone who can’t sing’. It may also be worth noting singing is really good for your lungs , strong lungs equals fast riding.

eBay it’s not all inflated fees and chinese nonsense

I have been a member of eBay since the 22nd april 2004, I know this because it tells me on my feedback page- I have found things on eBay that I would probably have never found without eBay. I have sold things on eBay that I probably would never have sold without eBay- I have had tears, I have had smiles and I have been held prisoner by total nutters threatening with me ‘gasp’ bad feedback.

The honest truth is I can’t imagine life without eBay- last year I bought a wedding dress (fancy dress), a cabinet, a shopper bike, 3 bags of pheasant feathers, a mannequin, 3 x  foil scary cat balloons, a swedish mountaineering jacket, 6 x disposable table cloths, a compass with integrated thermometer, a handpainted ladies fan and a David Bowie cloth patch. Which other store in the world offers such an array of goods?


Rob recently sold this Walking on eBay and entered into a series of discourse with the gent he sold it to. The bloke who bought it, Keith, was returning to cycling. I say returning because he used to be a racer back in the day, he very kindly sent Rob this picture through the post with a note:

Festival R.C 1961

‘As promised, I have attached a photo of me racing for the Festival R.C. on a Carpenter track frame in 1961, my third season.
The event was the Southern Counties Cycling Union ‘25’ on 12th March (150 full field !). I was riding 81 inch fixed and did 1hr 6min 14secs. The photo was taken by Ted Lees on the approach to Horsham Road Island near Crawley, Sussex – I bet it’s all changed there now !’

Now isn’t that lovely? See that’s the thing with eBay, it’s not like walking into a shop- you bid, you ask questions, you build this relationship with the seller and often you find out you have shared interests, that’s why you want what they have and from this lovely things happen, like receiving nice stores with pictures though the post.

Frames and other bicycle related goods- For Sale

On EBAY…you gotta be in it to win it

A list of bicycles For Sale

R J Quinn Silver road bicycle- 52 cm

Fred Dean Blue road bicycle- 53 cm

Fred Dean Blue road bicycle- 53 cm

Philips Green/rust rod brake ladies bicycle- 54 cm

George Longstaff Blue road bicycle- 55 cm

Doniselli Black road bicycle- 56 cm

Francesco Moser – Blue road bicycle – 56cm

Arggos Racing Blue road bicycle- 56 cm

Viking Blue road bicycle- 57 cm

Alan Blue road bicycle- 57 cm

Cucchietti Red road bicycle-  58 cm

Roberts White road bicycle- 58 cm

Raleigh Chrome single speed/fixed bicycle- 58 cm

Claud Butler Green road bicycle- 59 cm

Youngs Green touring bicycle- 59 cm

Olmo Blue road bicycle-  59 cm

Fred Dean Red road bicycle- 60 cm

Pinarello Blue road bicycle- 62 cm

Bicycles listed range from £350 – £1000

We also have a bevy of shoppers looking for a home.

Come down and take a look or email with any inquiries.

Sargent and Co competition

What with it being 2012 and us being in London and the Olympics rising imminently over the horizon we thought we ought to get into the competitive swing of things.

Welcome the ‘Bobbys Bets On’ competition, a new and regular feature for 2012, warming us up for the London Olympics 2012.

To be in with a chance of winning a TURBO TRAINER….yes, a TURBO TRAINER, all you need to do is place your bets:

Their can only be 1 winner

Will Cassius find it easier to:-

‘approach a wild  giant Salamander and touch it’s tail for 3 seconds’


‘catch a wild salmon using just his teeth (no paws)’.

Please place your bets by commenting below.

The lucky winner will be drawn at random next Friday (please read the small print).

*The prize can not be exchanged for any other goods in store.

*The winner must be able to collect the prize in person

* No animals will be hurt in the making of this competition


The Ride Journal- it’s coming

and we can’t wait.

The Ride Journal

Word on the street (Mountgrove Road) is that the first issue of 2012 will be out in February. For those unfamiliar with The Ride you can read all about it and download previous issues here – my advise is to try and get a copy of the real thing though, as the graphics and print quality are amazing and finding a quiet  corner in a  cafe, ordering a cup of tea and  thumbing your way through the stories will bring a smile to your face.