Bobbys Bets On competition week 2 (in support of the Olympics 2012)

Last week we held a competition to win a set of rollers, contestants had to decide:

Will Cassius find it easier to:-

‘approach a wild  giant Salamander and touch it’s tail for 3 seconds’


‘catch a wild salmon using just his teeth (no paws)’.

Brainbox Jane, born in Margate resides in Homerton stomped up the leader board and became the winner with this very sensible answer:

‘Hi, I defo think he has more chance with the salamander. Basically because, I don’t think he will realise what the salamander is, when he realises after 3 seconds he will remove his paw. AND he will be too afraid of the water to bother with the salmons’.

Well done Jane.

Our thoughts go out to those who tried, but sadly failed, but all is not lost, no no no, as you can be in with chance of winning this weeks prize!

Star prize

An Olmo musette!!! From the Olmo shop in Italy no less. No doubt you re dying to get your mitts on this, to be in with a chance  all you need to do is answer this very simply question:

Who would win a full contact wrestling match, to be held on the Swiss side of the Alps?

Eddie Merckx (aged 48) v Fausto Coppi (aged 39)

The lucky winner will be announced next Friday.


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