Monthly Archives: January 2012

Happy New Year or xin nian kuai le (as they say in China)

We are open again and and after a nice rest we have found ourselves full of joy and enthusiasm for the coming year.

Rob took some time out and went on a journey with Cassius and had some father and son time.

Cassius in the car (looking as cheery as ever)

Cassius running (and dare I say looking demonic)

I managed to find enough spare time to watch a Russian film about a meteorologist living in some remote spot north of north, the reason I mention this is it has some lovely imagery and you get to see what it looks like in the middle of nowhere and how Russian fishermen pickle sea trout, it’s all very interesting and I recommend it (if you do watch it wrap up warm, because all the ice and sound of the wind makes you feel cold even though you are at home with the heating on).

The film is called How I Ended This Summer.

Talking of seasons, spring is just 8 weeks away, which has got me excited, in fact if it shines all weekend like it has today I think I might give me and my Colnago a run this weekend, blow off the cobwebs (sweat out the mulled wine, burn off the cheeseboard strapped to my hips).

Happy 2012 to everyone.

Now come and buy a bike, it’s boring when it’s quiet.