Daily Archives: February 3, 2012

Showzam- Blackpool

Blackpool- it’s loud, it’s brash, it’s nearly always cold, it’s full of drunks, it’s got giant seagulls, it’s smells of grease, it’s doesn’t sell anything worth owning and it’s got the highest rate of divorce in Britain.

Blackpool- I bloody love it, it’s guaranteed giggles.

If I was up North I would be getting involved in this- Showzam– a Festival of Circus, Music and New Variety (last year they had a 5 inch woman in a  goldfish bowl and this year they have got an Insect Circus).

Miss behave- ooh ek!


The Times Cities fit for cycling

I guess most people have heard about this campaign in the last few days, it featured on the front page of the paper today and apparently it’s getting tweeted left, right and centre.Tweet Tweet Tweet.

Friday, 3rd February 2012

The campaign is centered around an 8 point manifesto which aims to make roads safer for cyclists across Britain. All the points on the manifesto seem more than reasonable enough (in my eyes) , as more cyclists take the roads we need rules and laws to help protect them, their is no two ways about it.

It will be interesting to see what other groups of road users come up with over the next few weeks, I am sure many of the points will be opposed and many a debate will be had, and tempers will flare- which is all good, as long as people are talking about it things might change. Read about here, and make up your own mind- it’s certainly got my backing.

The London Classic

Londons’ answer to the Paris-Roubaix, The London Classic,  is now taking bookings… 37 miles of hills and cobbles (aka a Yorkshire lads walk to school). So if you fancy a spring lung busting warm up, then get yourself booked on to it– it’s for charity and the Tour of Flanders is showing on big screen at the end of the ride. Go riding, collect some karma points and get beer all in one day, sounds alright to me.