#Sargentandco #vintagebikes hash tag_twy/12!!!

I am not even old, not compared to most people, I am younger than the average person in Britain, yet at my slightly less than tender age I am drowning in a sea of Social networking sites, I have got Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter all prodding me from all angles and that’s just the tip of the iceberg because for all the ones I do know about their are 10 that I don’t.


How does anyone get chance to do anything if they spend half their time notifying everyone? Do you do half as many things? And if you are not on them are you going to be left behind? Will people think you are an eccentric-refusing to be pulled into the 21 s Century?

Here at Sargent and Co both Rob and I have at least one foot stuck in the last century, if not the one before- Rob eats tinned sardines most days, and I am doing a jigsaw at the minute, it’s tragic-  as for the business well, the website is never ever up to date, the blog is updated a maximum of once a week, we don’t really advertise, we don’t have a slogan, a logo, any form of marketing material, we’ve not even got a proper sign above the door.

No one has ever complained to us about these things (least not to our face), but people do say they wish they could have an update to date view of the bikes that we have in the shop and we agree it would be good, so we joined Twitter #sargentandco, today we photographed some of the bikes around the shop. You need never be out of the loop again, and if you aren’t on Twitter you can click on the links to the top right of the blog- these will show you anything that has been put on Twitter…… oooh la la, ain’t that clever?

Ps: It’s a good job I have 2 feet, that way I can have 1 here and 1 back then


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