Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

The mayoral election- vote with your bike

Last decade we had supersaver Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert telling us to vote with our feet, encouraging us to up sticks and leave our banks, become  ‘credit card tarts’ he urged us and this decade will see us voting with our bikes.

Londoners on Bikes, a voluntary cycling campaign group have launched a campaign urging Londoners to vote in the mayoral elections according to whom will pledge and commit to making London a more cycle friendly city.

The question is, how many people prioritise this issue over all others?

Although an incredibly important issue, will it realistically rank above issues surrounding education and health? I suspect not, but I am confident most cyclists in this city who vote will have a recent ‘near miss’ lingering in the back of their minds which might just swing where they put their cross.

You can learn more about the campaign here.





Robert Sargent- A portrait

A young gent called Fred asked Rob if he would fancy having his portrait taken for a series he is creating, Rob obliged even though he doesn’t like having his picture taken (or so he protests).

Rob stuck to the model mantra 'don't smile'

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