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TeamGB Olympics 2012



Ron and his Hobbs

I mentioned a few weeks back that Rob has embarked on a mission to help Ron realise his dream of recreating  a Hobbs Blue Riband just like the one he rode when he was a lad.

Imagine our surprise when Ron not only concisely recollected the specification of each and every part of the bike. but also conjured up the original receipt.

Bona fide these are

Ron paid £17/9/6 and for the bike, with a £2 deposit up front. He also splashed out on a posh set of wheels from Ducketts of Seven Kings for £10/0/09.

these are the kind of coins he paid with

Rons’ posh wheels where built using:
1 Pair Constructor Bosley Rims
1 Pair Powell Hubs, double sided for ?
Building D Butted spokes
1 Set of Dunlop HP tyres, tubes and tapes
1 Simplex 3 speed gear 16-18-20.

So there you have it, Ron has a memory as a sharp as a lemon and has managed to treasure his receipts for over half a century. That goes to show us  young’uns have memories like sieves and we don’t even make receipts like they used to.

Let’s just hope Ron has a clear grasp of decimilisation and inflation, he won’t even get a pair of inner tubes today for what he spent on that wheel set.

*if anyone has any of the parts listed above for sale, please get in touch.




Sargent and Co to open new showroom

Classic bike restorers Sargent and Co have taken on more space which will see them double their showroom size.  The shop will have been open for 4 years this coming May and after building a solid customer base and a name synonymous with classic road bikes proprietor Rob Sargent told us ‘the time just feels right,  I know their is recession, but I don’t care, the world will be mine’.

The shop today

The new store layout will see a wooden staircase leading up to a showroom space flooded with natural light, complete with a  chair and bicycle related books for customers to browse whilst they await their repairs, ‘ I just can’t wait, it’s so exciting, we are really wanting to provide customers with a true multi channel retail experience, the retail suite will help us communicate our brand ethos and allow the consumer to immerse themselves in all things bike’, says Brand and European Retail Space Development Manager, Georgie Wood.

Paint sits waiting to be applied

Both the  refurbishment of the existing space and development of the retail suite are well underway, and Sargent and Co are confident they will achieve their target opening day of March 16th on time and in budget . The expansion has been partially funded by The Bank of Rascizukistan and the CEO will be making a guest appearance at the opening night.