Ted James Design- Bespoked 2012

My friend Ted likes to make bikes. Sometimes I kind of forget that’s what he does because when I see him it’s usually because we are eating or drinking or riding bikes not talking about them. I saw Ted on Tuesday morning and he happened to mention he was going to exhibit again at this years Bristol Bespoked, the handmade bike show.

He told me he had been working on some exciting new projects and his eyes lit up and I could see how the conversation was steering towards the technical, these kind of conversations leave me dazed and confused so I changed the subject quickly and asked his girlfriend where she got her warm looking slippers from.

Get yourself down there

Feeling curious as to what he had been up to I decided to check out his website and aren’t I glad I did.

Ted has built this wonderful mixte for his mum and it’s about as perfect a town bike as I have ever seen.

Handcrafted for mum

What a streamlined beauty- I am really excited about the rack and mudguards, which sounds a bit sad, but they are usually an ugly and cumbersome addition to any bike throwing the line of the bike off form, but not here. And the colour, what a colour! and no seat stays?

I urge anyone with an interest in bikes to visit Teds website to read all about his innovations and inventions (and his lathe- a great joy in his life), I reckon he might just go down in history as one of the greats, what a great pleasure it is to know him.


One response to “Ted James Design- Bespoked 2012

  1. I knew you would eventually go to the show.

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