The Ride Journal 6 amongst other things

Out now

This time last week we were packing up and getting ready to hop foot it down to Loom Mum No Hands for the launch of  The Ride Journal 6, this week Robs’ mate Peter is en route with fish and chips. Anyway we now have this wonderful journal in stock (well if they deliver tomorrow as expected), so please pop in and buy yourself a copy, not only because the art direction is phenomenal, and not only because it’s an interesting read, but because I was fortunate enough to have a story published in this edition and it’s kind of  about this shop and the array of characters that come through the door.

In case you are wondering the shop expansion is all going according to plan, their has been some banging, some swearing and some painting. We are hoping to open mid to end March, we are going to have an opening party, we asked Jordans’ people if she fancied cutting the ribbon, apparently she is busy guest speaking at a ‘Modern day Marxism’ event in Loughborough. I would go there if I was you instead, it would be daft to miss it.


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