Local girl realises cycling dream

Local lass Donna first got in touch early January, which made me think this girl was not for messing, she had clearly started the New Year with a definite purpose. She wanted to buy a bike and she was going to strike whilst the iron was hot. Whilst most people spend January skint and annoyed that they can’t give up smoking or leave their job, Donna was thinking positive, she was realising a dream.

Donnas’ dream bike ingredients: Mixte, vintage, sweep back bars, basket, blue/green

How she made it (in 5 easy steps):

1) Rob found her ‘the’ bike, he sent Donna a picture. Donna loved the bike.
2) Donna chose a colour and we sent it to be resprayed.
3) Donna chose her parts for the bike.
4) Rob collected the bike and rebuilt it.
5) Donna came to collect.

Donna and her new bike @ Sargent and Co

And I must say her and her bike are looking damn fine. Who would have guessed Finsbury Park was such a hotbed of chicness?


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