Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

Rough Rider sportif 2012

If you are looking for something good to do, I would say do this


I did it last year and it’s great, it’s a really nice route, with lots of lung busting tough climbs followed by euphoric descents, the views are amazing, the food half way round is top notch and it’s just all round good vibes.

Oh and if you look at last years’ results can you please note before chuckling at my seemingly poor time that

a) my friend had a headset issue which we spent 45 minutes trying to resolve,

b) we stopped for half a shandy,

c) we went in the Yorkshire Dales visitors centre (and bought a tea towel),

d) we got totally lost in the last 5 miles,

e) I am actually a cycling powerhouse and that time is not indicative of my abilities only of my achievements.


Bike pictures on the website

The website has been updated with images and spec’s of some of the bikes in store.

This classic British Youngs touring bike is up on the site as is a rather delicious Viking ‘Tour of Britain’ and a jaw droppingly beautiful Pinarello, (it’s a Lothario that one, I tell you), anyway go and have a butchers for yourself, Sargent and Co.

Sargent and Co closed for a week

Needless to say the extension, the expansion, the refurbishment, the new era whatever you may want to call it,  is running behind. If I was a betting woman, I would have made some money on that, alas.

So we will be closed all of next week. The door will shut at 18.30 on Saturday 17th March and will reopen Wednesday 28th March at 10.30, not a minute before  not a minute after.

The plan is the shop will look all brand spanking new and lovely and the bicycles will have the space they deserve, see you then.