One for the girls

Don’t worry I am not going to post a picture of the Chippendales, I am personally not a fan. I am a fan of nice bikes though, and due to our recent expansion we now have a ladies section in the shop.

Rob finished painting this morning and we have put 3 bikes in there, we do have more to put in, but the paint isn’t dry yet and all the pictures (including my favourite below) need to go up.

So girls get yourselves down here and take a peek at our lovely cycles, the sun is shining, the weather is sweet and everyone knows riding in the sun is the most perfect antidote to busy, clammy, expensive tubes and buses.

This is the Bobbins Birdie, isn’t she lovely? (£349).

And behind the Birdie is our tried and tested Metropole in Olive, she comes in at £325 (excluding rack/basket).

Both bikes are 3 speed and fitted with mudguards, kickstands, chainguards and sprung saddles.
So there you go, all you need now is a picnic blanket, a bottle of Prosecco and the sun to keep on shining.


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