Sargent and Co hit the big screen

A London based film maker asked Rob if he would feature in his documentary ‘Pushbike‘. The trailer has now been released and is on vimeo; if this dreamy sequence of short clips is anything to go by then this will be a fantastic documentary.

This is the 4th film the shop (Rob) has featured in, which strikes me as a strange considering ‘I prefer taking the pictures’ he protests, ‘I am not one for a fuss’ he adds. Me thinks the ‘lady doth protest too much’, I think Rob has thespian hopes.

If you do watch this video you may notice an elderly gent talking about his racing days, that’s Spud. Spud Taylor. Sadly Spud is no longer with us. Spud was one of Robs first customers, and he was a gent with a thousand tales to tell. He was a fine man and he is missed. Rest in Peace Spud, (your looking grand on the video by the way way :  )


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