There’s an app for that

Do you remember that irritating advert where it repeatedly said ‘there’s an app. for that’ and you thought I bet there isn’t an app for it because you would not even imagine what weird questions and thoughts I have in my head, their is no way someone would have made an app for them.

Well I remember it clearly and I didn’t have a smartphone then so I didn’t have any apps, but I do now.

I openly admit the majority of my apps are really boring and practical, but not all.

Some are fun.

Image courtesy of Camille McMillan

Take this one for example, The Collarbone. The Collarbone describes itself as  ‘a photography journal for the iPad documenting the beauty and eccentricity of professional bicycle racing’.

I couldn’t have put it better myself- smart pictures taken by Camille McMillan who is a phenomenal photographer all pieced together by Scheybler and  Company (one of the fellas who started Rapha).

The app. is free and good to have.


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