Wren bicycle for sale

Traditionally Sargent and Co deal in the renovation and resale of classic bicycles, but you may have noted that we are selling new bicycles  of late.

We have not turned our back on our old racing friends, not for one minute. We do however recognise that their is always a future classic just around the corner.

We have recently got a Wren bicycle (London based cycle company)  and  it’s a winner.

Size: It’s small but it doesn’t ride like it is. It feels steady, it doesn’t twitch like some of the other small town bikes on the market.

Gears/brakes: It’s 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub gear, yep, great and drum brakes- keeping all the mechanisms internal really helps reduce wear and tear maintenance which I am  all for.

Moving stuff: It has front and rear racks, both removable. Flexible. I like flexible.

Comfort: Brook sprung saddle- nice on the bottom and looks the part. Self colour mudguards to keep your comfortable bottom dry.

What else: It’s also fitted with a kickstand, a bell, a big rear reflector and Schwalbe marathon plus tyres i.e. bombproof.

It’s easy to see this bike has been thought out. The ride is stable and the components are considered. It’s great to look at. It’s keenly priced. It’s £595, which I think for the specification you get is great. I like this bike a lot, but I won’t be getting one because my boyfriend will leave me if I take any more bikes home- mmm is it worth it?


2 responses to “Wren bicycle for sale

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  2. Do you still stock the wren bicycle??

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