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London to Cambridge Ride and swim

Last Sunday my good friend Sam Hart organised a ride from London to Cambridge that ended with a river swim. She managed to figure out a route that resulted in us not seeing a car for 40 miles. We saw lots of thatched cottages and fields full of flowers and road kill. We did a 100 km and it was fairly flat, the climbs we did meet weren’t long enough for us to experience any feelings of hate and hopelessness. It was a joyful ride with just enough punishment to make you feel alive.

This is Sam smiling on the way there. She also rode the 100 km back and she still smiled. She isn’t mental. Her mum and dad own a bike shop in Gloucestershire and she lived above the shop as a kid. She is bike bonkers. She is a bit like one of those  old fashioned jewelry boxes with a  ballet dancer inside- when she puts her feet on her pedals it winds up her face into a smile.

I didn’t jump in the river because it was too cold. Many of the riders had done Ironmen and a triathlons and were (very marginally) tougher than me; they seemed very unfazed by the prospect of jumping into 9 degree water and not having anywhere to get dry. I have my suspicions that they are all lunatics or even androids.

Sam is organising more rides and they are open to anyone. Last sunday about 20 of us did the ride. We split out into 2 groups, ‘the fast’ and ‘the not as fast’ and from here  little breakaway groups splintered off and found their own pace. If you are pretty fit their will definitely be a group that suits you. I think you should all come because a decent ride on a sunday with loads of nice people can’t really be beaten.

If you are interested in coming you can click here

Both images courtesy of Colin steele


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Email up

Hello, we are now receiving emails, but may have lost some old ones. We are working on retrieving any that have been sent in the last 7 days. Meanwhile you can email us as normal at rob@sargentandco.com, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

(I am quite tempted to throw the computer out of the window, however in light of events on Tottenham Court Road today it may not be that wise).

Email down

Apologies to anyone who has been emailing our email has been down for the last 7 days.  We have had some issues which we are trying to resolve. We are hoping to be up again by the end of the day in which case emails may have to be resent. We will keep you posted.

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