Fred Perry x Angry Ray x Bradley Wiggins

I am sure you are only to aware that we had Bradley Wiggins, the mod cycling champ grace our presence a few weeks ago. Mr Wiggins was modelling the new Fred Perry cycling range and the photoshoot took place here. Just as the photshoot got into full swing and the photographer had Mr Wiggins perfectly framed in the doorway Angry Ray showed up on his black mountain bike wearing black shades and a grimace.

 Bradley posed in the doorway haplessly unawares of what lurked behind him.  Rob and I found the whole situation very amusing.  Ray asked who the fella was and what all the fuss was about. We told him it was Bradley Wiggins “who’s that then?” he asked. We told him he was a champion cyclist, famous world over. Angry Ray made some comment that I could not possibly repeat on here. And that is why he is Angry Ray.

About a month or so before the shoot in the shop Fred Perry used some our bikes for a studio photoshoot.  You can see more of our bikes and handsome fellas in stylish cycling tops by clicking here.


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