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Bobbins Bramble

It’s just come in. It arrived today. Rob built it about an hour ago. I saw it 4 minutes ago.

My mind has been pre occupied with the idea of selling my 2 little shoppers and buying this for the last 3.99 minutes.

The Bramble has 6 derailleur gears and is styled on a traditional 1940’s upright.  .  The Bramble comes in Golden green and Plum (I think it looks a little bronzey) and it’s just so nice.
Imagine riding along in a bright summer dress and a huge pair of shades and your hair all bouncy like you had just stepped out of the salon.

Women your country needs you, buy a bike.



Fred Perry x Angry Ray x Bradley Wiggins

I am sure you are only to aware that we had Bradley Wiggins, the mod cycling champ grace our presence a few weeks ago. Mr Wiggins was modelling the new Fred Perry cycling range and the photoshoot took place here. Just as the photshoot got into full swing and the photographer had Mr Wiggins perfectly framed in the doorway Angry Ray showed up on his black mountain bike wearing black shades and a grimace.

 Bradley posed in the doorway haplessly unawares of what lurked behind him.  Rob and I found the whole situation very amusing.  Ray asked who the fella was and what all the fuss was about. We told him it was Bradley Wiggins “who’s that then?” he asked. We told him he was a champion cyclist, famous world over. Angry Ray made some comment that I could not possibly repeat on here. And that is why he is Angry Ray.

About a month or so before the shoot in the shop Fred Perry used some our bikes for a studio photoshoot.  You can see more of our bikes and handsome fellas in stylish cycling tops by clicking here.

A dog riding a bike?

This video has changed everything. I thought I knew what I wanted out of life until I saw this. Now I know I just want a giant hairy dog to hang out with on my bike.

NB: I am not entirely sure cycling is particularly good for dogs. I would say don’t try this at home, not with any pets, especially birds because they don’t have knees.


I have been in Italy, unfortunately I have not been watching the Giro, not live anyway. I stayed on the route, not once but twice- however I happened to be traveling in the opposite direction to the race. Needless to say the sound of the Giro and the smell of espresso pouring out of the cafe doors provided a wonderful backdrop to the weeks holiday.

We went riding and we met a Giro mechanic come bike shop owner. I have not had my pictures developed yet so more about all that next week.


Bradley Wiggins x Fred Perry


That’s Bradley Wiggins stood in the doorway of Sargent and Co. He asked Rob to repair his puncture and Rob told him that the doesn’t work on any of that modern carp. We can’t bend the rules just because someones got an OBE. 

We can’t wait to see you win at the Olympics Bradley (on your modern bike), we are rooting for you. Go team GB.

Bradley Wiggins at Sargent and Co?

Yes it was he. The rumours are true. A very dashing, charismatic, tall and slender Bradley Wiggins came to Sargent and Co yesterday. Mr Wiggins famed for looking a bit like Paul Weller on a bike and winning races has worked with Fred Perry to create a very stylish 6 piece collection of merino wool cycling tops.

Needless to say Cassius did not give a monkeys who this Bradley Wiggins was and took it all in his stride.

Rob and I both got our Ride Journals signed. I offered Mr Wiggins a go on my red shopper, he politely declined which was an awful shame as I had washed it especially.

Pictures to follow soon.