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Vintage bike tyres

I tell you what , they don’t make them like that anymore. What a great colour.


Classic Touring bikes for Sale- Allin

If you look at the picture of the white Metropole below you will see a red touring bike in the background. It’s a handbuilt Reynolds 531 Allin. It’s got a 5 speed Sturmey archer hub and a very nice Mafac brake set.

It’s a 52cm and it’s bloody gorgeous.

We also have a blue Reynolds 531 handbuilt Allin tourer, but with dérailleur gears.

Fitted with a Brooks titanium rail saddle, mudguards and front and back racks this bad boy is rearing to go. He is 52cm and has also been built using Reynolds 531.

If you are in the market for a touring bike (which you should be because touring is ace) please feel free to come by and take these 2 for a test ride, they are both incredible, I don’t envy someone trying to choose between the 2.


Ladies Metropole in white – yes please

Ladies Metropole in white - yes please

A right patriotic colour combo

Bets on for Wiggins winning the Tour

Bradley Wiggins has extended his lead in the Criterium du Dauphine after winning Thursday’s time trial. The mod is on fire. I can’t wait for the Tour and the Olympics. The odds at Ladbrokes are 15/8 for him taking the yellow Tour jersey home. Looks like it could be a pretty fruitful year for the Brit, it pays quite well winning the worlds biggest cycle race. Our fingers are well and truly crossed for you Bradley!

Customers and their bikes

Anyone who knows me knows only to well I am mental for dogs and bikes. When the 2  are put together it’s magic for my soul. Rob rebuilt this Palm Beach for Jo and she came to collect it with her little dog who has bad eye sight. Imagine how happy they both are tootling along with one another.Woof woof, brrrring, brrrring.

A couple of years ago we had a customer who had a Motobecane tandem restored. Her name is Jane and she comes to the shop all the time. Rob and I call her Motobecane. Their are a quite a few Jane’s and not a lot of Motobecane customers so this worked for us. As you can see this lovely lady has thrown a spanner in our works. And it gets even more complicated as we have some more Motobecanes in the shop waiting for homes. I personally don’t believe in calling people by numbers, it’s very impersonal and inhumane, but in this instance I can not see how we get around it.  Sorry Motobecane 2.

If I was this girl I would send this picture to Bronx and ask the how much they want to pay me for being their model.

You might remember this bike. We got it in last December, she was looking a bit dishevelled , she had a lovely story behind her. Well she has been spruced up now; lacquered, rebuilt and lovingly restored. This lucky gent got her as a birthday present from his girlfriend. It looks to me like she is regretting her generosity and wants the bike for herself. He knows her game, he saw her grasping at the saddle from the corner of his eye. A firm hand to the front of the saddle will stop her running off with it.

Robs’ affection for the bikes often bares the brunt of my inoffensive mocking. He got very obsessed with this particular machine. It was way too small for him. He was so keen to ride it I thought he might end up self mutilating to make it fit. Thank goodness it captured this fellas’ heart and it left the building.

Ally Capellino x Carradice bags for bikes

Last night saw the launch of the Ally Capellino x Carradice bicycle bag range. Ally Capellino is a London based bag designer and Carradice are a Lancashire based bicycle bag manufacturer. This makes for a meaningful and satisfying collaboration.

The bags have been produced in heavyweight oiled canvas, are waterproofed lined and awash with lovely details.

The pannier bag comes in black and sand. I thought I was going to buy black because sand would get dirty, then I found out that it comes with a wee tuck away waterproof cover to protect it from road dirt when its lashing it down, so sand it is then. A timeless, tasteful, useful bit of kit. Tick, tick, tick.

Normally when yo go to a range launch you are given a badge which ends up sitting in the bowl on the kitchen table for a year annoying you. At this launch we got given these delightful leather embossed key ring tags which I am already making use of.

I am super happy with my tag and very happy at the prospect of using a pannier bag that looks the business.   If you would like to view the whole range including product specification you can click right here.

Yes that’s me and my Colnago