Ally Capellino x Carradice bags for bikes

Last night saw the launch of the Ally Capellino x Carradice bicycle bag range. Ally Capellino is a London based bag designer and Carradice are a Lancashire based bicycle bag manufacturer. This makes for a meaningful and satisfying collaboration.

The bags have been produced in heavyweight oiled canvas, are waterproofed lined and awash with lovely details.

The pannier bag comes in black and sand. I thought I was going to buy black because sand would get dirty, then I found out that it comes with a wee tuck away waterproof cover to protect it from road dirt when its lashing it down, so sand it is then. A timeless, tasteful, useful bit of kit. Tick, tick, tick.

Normally when yo go to a range launch you are given a badge which ends up sitting in the bowl on the kitchen table for a year annoying you. At this launch we got given these delightful leather embossed key ring tags which I am already making use of.

I am super happy with my tag and very happy at the prospect of using a pannier bag that looks the business.   If you would like to view the whole range including product specification you can click right here.

Yes that’s me and my Colnago


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