Daily Archives: June 23, 2012

Mark Cavendish backs cities fit for cycling

Mark Cavendish did a wee interview with The Times and unlike many ‘celebrities’ he voiced his opinion. OK it’s not going to go down in history as one of the worlds greatest speeches, but he raises some valid points and having a great British cyclist on board can only ever be a good thing; plus he seems like a nice fella (irrelevant, but a bonus).


Customers and their bikes – Woodrup

In the heat of summer days
With sunshine all ablaze,
Here, here are cool green bowers,
Starry with Jasmine flowers;
Sweet-scented, like a dream
Of Fairyland they seem.

And when the long hot day
At length has worn away,
And twilight deepens, til
The darkness comes – then, still,
The glimmering Jasmine white,
Gives fragrance to the night

Poem by Cicely Mary Barker


London Nocturne on TV

It was few weeks ago now, but for those who missed the nocturne you can watch it here . You may note Anna Glowinski won the longest skid competition. Girls don’t usually win these kind of things. She is formidable. She is the brains behind and team member of the Mule Bar Girls. They ride all disciplines and tend to do it pretty well. I was in a race once that they entered. Anna floored me. I am not the jealous type so I won’t hold it her against her, everyone has their strengths- I am sure I can do things that she can’t do. I bet she doesn’t have double jointed elbows.