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Roberts of Croydon road bike – For Sale

This wonderful green machine hails from the Croydon, the South London borough that interestingly used to house one of the largest airports in Britain.

Thought to be late 70’s she is a very high quality custom build with fast back seat stays and long spear point window lugs.This particular machine has a 51 cm top tube and 51 cm seat tube.

We have had Roberts’ in before. The previous ones we had were also very beautiful.

Needless to say she comes fully rebuilt and specc’ed as required. By all means pop in the shop or send us an email to if you would like to know more.


Dave Lloyd time trial bike – For Sale

Dave LLoyd – quality rider, quality builder (and now a cycling coach).

This machine is thought to be late 70’s; built in the Wirral as a time trial bike.

Gorgeous deep japanese SR bars.

Top tube 55 cm, seat tube 53 cm.

This bike comes fully rebuilt and custom designed to the buyers wants! If you want neon bar tape, a purple saddle and sturmey archer hub you can have it!

Actually that is not true, Rob is rather pure about these things.

This bikes comes fully rebuilt and custom designed to requirements.

Please feel free to send us an email or pop by to discuss spec. and pricing.


Fatter flatter tyres increase your speed?!

You may not give a monkeys about what speed you ride, but never the less , if you can go faster without putting any more energy in why wouldn’t you?

I have always been guided by the school of thought that a narrow tyre @ 115 psi is the best way to roll.

Well that school of thought is being challenged. Apparently go a bit wider and let a bit of air out and you will be laughing.  You can read all about the  test and the results and the reasoning behind them here.

If you do decide to buy some new tyres come down and see us. We have some very nice tyres in stock.

Race Across America

There is a good chance you have never heard of Race Across America (RAAM), which is kind of strange as it is much tougher than the Tour de France, in fact it’s the world’s toughest cycle endurance race. This race makes the Tour de France look like a sunday morning canal side stroll.

The race starts in Oceanside California, riders pedal 3000 miles, crossing 12 states, and climbing over 170,000 vertical feet; riders have a maximum of 12 days to complete the race. For those who aren’t quick off the mark with maths that means they ride between 250-350 miles a day continuously.Anyway this years race is about to start and my friend Juliet has wrote a very interesting and insightful article all about a film documentary which follows one of the competitors of the race. It’s well worth the read.

I want to read the article please

Vintage bike tyres

I tell you what , they don’t make them like that anymore. What a great colour.

Classic Touring bikes for Sale- Allin

If you look at the picture of the white Metropole below you will see a red touring bike in the background. It’s a handbuilt Reynolds 531 Allin. It’s got a 5 speed Sturmey archer hub and a very nice Mafac brake set.

It’s a 52cm and it’s bloody gorgeous.

We also have a blue Reynolds 531 handbuilt Allin tourer, but with dérailleur gears.

Fitted with a Brooks titanium rail saddle, mudguards and front and back racks this bad boy is rearing to go. He is 52cm and has also been built using Reynolds 531.

If you are in the market for a touring bike (which you should be because touring is ace) please feel free to come by and take these 2 for a test ride, they are both incredible, I don’t envy someone trying to choose between the 2.


Ladies Metropole in white – yes please

Ladies Metropole in white - yes please

A right patriotic colour combo