Daily Archives: March 1, 2015

New cat on the block

Meet Aalto, our new French friend.


With his good looks, feline charm and penchant for sitting in the window plants he’s already made himself a few friends in the neighbourhood.

Although it seems he was caught up in a misunderstanding and exposed on social media earlier this week: https://instagram.com/p/znm-iGCYwN/

We prefer to think he was inspired by this classic (he likes gardening really): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArzpKETUeO8

Hari Hari


Sargent & Co gets reflective…

…we have some new reflective cycling T-shirts on display in the shop, designed to wear everyday whilst having an extra level of safety as you cycle home at night.

chain T shirts ii

Designed and hand printed in London, the T-shirts are available in black or white, with a reflective chain design on the back: black T-shirts with neon green detail; white with pink detail. Available in S, M & L.

Chain T shirts i

Just a short run of 30 T-shirts to begin with, head over to http://linkcycleapparel.bigcartel.com to get one.

Hari Hari